Photos: The Gartel Gemach at the Woodbourne Shul

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  1. “Gemach” services are traditionally free of charge.
    Notice that there’s no price posted for cutting off a length of “gartel”

  2. The Woodbourne Shul really gets it. They anticipate the needs of its mispallelim in advance. How can we make the lives of those that enter our makom kadosh easier? I love the hat gemach. What a chesed. A person is travelling and passing thru. He forgot his hat or gartel. No problem. The Shul provides it. You’re hungry or thirsty? The Shul provides it. Rabbi Jungriez should be gebentched with arichas yomim vishanim.

  3. Excuse me Maurice?!?!?!?
    Disgusting joke
    And this is not only about maurice. Its is about our whole community’s horrible exclusive attitude towards obese people. You are heavy? Well, no shidduch for you! You are a size 24? Well, you dont deserve any stylish clothes! Before pesach this year, I needed to buy a white skirt. I called every store in my neighborhood in brooklyn and asked if they sell white skirts and most said yes, I asked in size 24, they all said no.
    In addition,, I asked those stores what size do you do up to and many stores said size 12 -14 . What in the world?!?!?! Why dont they carry all sizes???
    I am so hurt. And now, since most stores dont carry stylish clothes in my size, I have to wear dowdy looking clothing. I know exactly what is in style and I have a whole wardrobe that I wish I can have in my head.
    Shame on you, maurice and fashion stores. Just shame on you!!!!!!

    • I’m not sure what your comment had to do with the article but that does sound very frustrating. It’s a horrible feeling to have good taste for fashion but to have no attainable way to express your style. From the stores end, it is impractical and expensive for a store to carry sizes for a small demographic. If i may give advice, I would suggest asking if they can order an outfit in your size.


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