Photos: The “Indoor” Sukkah at McDonald’s in Israel (It’s Posul, By the Way)

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The Indoor Sukkah


  1. Nebech! Btw Frie yiddin seriously think it is kosher….. Traveled trough Tel aviv last year.. all the tall buildings with porches directly on top of each other, a lot of them had sukkahs but are obviously posul… at least they have good intentions…………….

  2. the the state of israel (medinat israel)

    Be’Tehara & Kedusha
    i remember a story in israel (and i think i am getting right)
    there is a MC. WHATEVER that for Pesach had special made potato starch buns for the hamburgers
    because some of their customers WILL NOT EAT BREAD on Pesach so they have this ok for passover no bread buns
    BUT and its a BIG BUT they still will put the meat and cheese together with NO PROBLEM

  3. Dear Yakov #2, frei yidden are not born learned, and in fact, nor are frum yidden, who know because someone taught us, don’t you think? Sometimes it is possible to compliment the unlearned person who make the sukkah and in doing so, show him some little thing which will make the sukkah good. Other times it is very hard or impossible to make it kosher, such as those you describe which are completely under something and there is not much of another space, yet it is possible to invite them to *your* sukkah. Perhaps you will see they are willing to learn and you can remark some abstract halachot (let them figure out how they may apply to their sukkah they built with good intention and hard labour), perhaps you will think it’s better not to discuss the subject and risk hurting the fellow’s feelings, but either way they will stay in a kosher sukkah and enjoy the company of frum yidden. Maybe next year we will all build sukkot in Yerushalayim.


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