Photos: The Tefillin Awareness Project Visits Boro Park

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Hundreds were extremely appreciative for the special opportunity they were offered when 3 sofrim checked and corrected a number of tefillin issues, all free of charge to the mispalelim.

300 shuls and yeshivas have already taken advantage of this incredible chesed project. To learn more, call 718-377-6735 or email


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  1. If you like to see tefillin, it is the best faith religious purchase of your lifetime.

    I hope blessed days are many. I will share them in torah honor jewish and hopeful as I let them be frontlets before my own eyes.

  2. .These were sofrim that should have been looking inside of the tefillin. Instead they are looking at placement on the head? What else? If the ratzuos are black enough? What if they aren’t? Now they can be motzi l’az al harishonim that didn’t have such black ratzuos…Or that the batim are not “square enough”…Have you seen todays batim? They are so square you could get a cut on the edges…

  3. I was at the Shul today. It was a true and amazing Kiddish Hash-m. Many adjustments were made and I saw that some had major issues with their Re’buah (squareness). A few were told to put on their Tefillin again, once the corrections were made. Some were sent to a Batim Macher to have more serious issues addressed. And it was all done in a most Bakovodik way. I believe it should be mandatory for every Shul and Yeshiva to invite this special program.


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