Photos: This Week at the Woodbourne Shul, Led by Rav Mordechai Jungreis of Nikolsburg

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  1. Hmm, other than the rav and a few others, NOBODY is wearing a mask or distancing.
    You cannot fix stupid. If stupidity was electricity, the people in these pictures would be like a nuclear power plant.

    • Talking about stupid, what is wearing a mask or distancing for? Do you really believe a virus that never existed and nobody knows what the sickness of the virus is? FYI Covid is a virus that fooled all the sheeple in the world, including you.

      • Being that you are a total moron, you dont deserve a response. However, please explain to the families of those who died because of this virus that “the virus never existed”. You’re just lucky nobody in your family got it or you’d be singing a different tune. Chasid Shoiteh.

    • Stay in your Mommy’s basement with a paper bag over your head and you’ll be safe and live forever. Don’t venture outdoors. Very dangerous.

    • What’s yours? you clearly have a Cholei Hanefesh!
      Maybe he doesn’t want to get sick or get other sick are you a Soiteh?


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