Photos: This Week At The Woodbourne Shul, Led By Rav Mordechai Jungreis Of Nikolsburg

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  1. Amazing amazing pictures. The achdus is tremendous B”H. Me kiamcha Yisroel? What really impresses me about the Rebbe, is that he personally brings out the food and feeds the guests. No shammos. No bodyguard. No askanim. The Rebbe himself takes care of everyone. An emmesdikeh ohaiv Yisroel & Baal chesed.
    You may want to remove the picture of the mechanics office. The cup has a not nice word on it.

  2. Abe who are you to question Rabbi Jugreis’s intelligence? he is a first class mechanech in yeshivas Rabbi Chaim Berlin. It his right if he wants to be careful.

  3. That’s a lot of sugar. But then again, some people prefer sugar over steak and wine. To each according to his needs….


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