Photos: This Week At The Woodbourne Shul, Led By Rav Mordechai Jungreis of Nikolsburg

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  1. I was at the shul when this person put on tefillin after a very long period of time. He came to the shul because he saw the photos of the shul on and was very inspired that shul welcomes every jew.

  2. He has a Shul in Boro park. And is also a Rebbe in yeshiva chayim Berlin. Yes he works for a living. He is not a free loader. He teaches in Chayim Berlin many many years. Special person. His shul is a place for Kiruv for Heimisha kids who normally would not attend shul at all.

  3. Can we have similar coverage of other minyan factories (tens of photos per day, hundreds per week)?

    Why don’t other minyan factories get similar coverage?


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