Videos: Thousands Attend BMG Annual Evening of Chizuk; Rav Weiss: “Dr. Roberts, You Made the Best Investment!”


rav-malkiel-meir-lichtenstein-menashe-miller[Multiple videos and photos below.] It is truly an event unlike any other perhaps in the entire world. Literally thousands of bnei Torahroshei yeshiva, yungeleit, mechanchim, baalei batim, bochurim – gathering for one purpose: to support lomdei Torah. The Beth Medrash Govoha Annual Evening of Chizuk which was held last night in Lakewood, NJ, was once again mesmerizing, leaving the humongous crowd enriched, uplifted and inspired.

The evening began shortly after 9 p.m., as the crowd began to arrive. Attendees enjoyed a delicious fare prepared by the devoted chef of Beth Medrash Govoha, the incomparable R’ Arye Spielman, whose delicious smorgasbord, served by a tremendous staff in specially erected side tents, was savored by the thousands in attendance. A central minyan for Maariv was held inside the massive tent where the event was held at the corner of Cedarbridge and New Hampshire avenues.

Traffic backups were minimal on Cedar Bridge and New Hampshire avenues, as motorists allowed volunteers from the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch to direct the traffic and get everyone parked as quickly as possible.

As expected, Rabbi Mordechai Herskowitz, Executive Administrator of BMG, was on hand to greet everyone personally, as he promises each year. Rabbi Herskowitz also delivered brief remarks from the dais, thanking the many yungeleit and others who devoted time and effort to make the evening a success.

The program, which began short after 10 p.m., featured opening remarks from Dr. Rich Roberts, noted baal tzedakah in Lakewood.

Dayan Yonason Abraham, member of the Badatz of London and former talmid of Beth Medrash Govoha, delivered divrei pesichah.

The rosh yeshiva, Rav Malkiel Kotler, then addressed the gathering.

Dayan Abraham introduced the guest speaker, Rav Usher Weiss, av beis din of Beis Din Darchei Horaah and head of Mosdos Minchas Asher at Darkei HaTorah, who regaled the crowd with his remarkable oratory and wide-ranging knowledge of Torah.

Following the program and the drawing of the raffle for a trip to Eretz Yisroel – which was won by R’ Ezra Pollack – the crowd was treated to beautiful zemiros sung by Shloime Daskal, with musical accompaniment by Rabbi Eli Cohen and the sound system arranged by Shloime Friedman of Neginah Orchestra.

Click below for the full drasha of the guest speaker, Rav Usher Weiss:

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Click below for a clip of the rosh yeshiva, Rav Malkiel Kotler:
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Click below for remarks by Dayan Yonason Abraham:
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See below for 250 photos of the event:

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See below for photos of the tent being prepared prior to the event:

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Click below for video of the tent being prepared at the beginning of this week:

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Click below for singing by Shloime Daskal:


  1. Iwas proud to be part of such an achdus. So many people giving back what they can. All for the sake of kollel yungerlayt. Thank you Reb mordechai.

  2. It was such a kovod for our Kehilla in London to watch our Dayan Abraham give divrei chizuk to the kohol. He is a walking kiddush Hashem and we the the Lakewood Yeshiva for their part in his journey of leadership and yeda.

  3. Rab Weiss shlit”a gave a wonderful drosha. I didn’t get a chance yet to listen to the others.

    Thank you Matzav for providing this.


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