Photos: Trump Advisor Boris Epshteyn Visits the Misameach Family Center

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On behalf of President trump , Mr. Boris Epshteyn, the strategic advisor for the Trump campaign, came down to the Misameach Family Center in Lakewood, NJ to meet with the children there. It was a great privilege and opportunity.

Mr. Epshteyn spent time with the children, gave over a message from the President, and gave out some memorabilia. He toured the beautiful family center and played games with them. The children then had a photo shoot with Mr. Epshteyn. They felt like a million dollars.

The excitement was palpable, and there were shining smiles on all the childrens’ faces.

Disclaimer: As a nonprofit (501c3) organization, we do not make any political endorsements.

Photos: Refoel Langsam and Simchy Radziminski


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