Photos: US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro Visiting Rav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss at His Sukkah (JDN)

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  1. Nice!
    What was the purpose of the visit? Was there an agenda?

    I’m curious if yhe conversation was in English as Rav Weiss is European and most all European Rabbonim are proficient in English albeit with an accent.

  2. Mr. Shapiro works for an Anti Semite, Barack Obama, who is the king of Magog. They have evil intentions towards us and should not be trusted.

  3. Open your eyes, last time I checked Obama is not a King and he is the President of the USA. His term is almost up and even if you are correct in your assumption in a few months he will be sipping cocktails on the beaches of Hawaii. So much for the King of Magog


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