Photos: Vizhnitz Uses Posuk Referring to Eretz Yisroel to Describe its New Lakewood, NJ Development

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  1. As does the Gemora: למען ירבו ימיכם… על האדמה אשר נשבע וגו. The Gemora says that the Batei Medrashos and Batei Kineisiyos in Bavel provide the same segulah of arichas yomim as the land of Eretz Yisroel. So what’s the chidush here.

  2. You claim to care about yidden misusing a possuk, while blatantly ignoring and transgressing the many pessukim of lashon hara. For shame

  3. Yes. There was a famous gadol who warned the tzibbur that the churban was coming, after the people were proclaiming a City in Germany that it was the “Yerushalayim of Germany.”
    Have we become too comfortable in this galus?

    • Is there really a comparison????
      In Germany they begin facing Berlin for ‘tefila’, as they declared that as the place where all ideas and good will come to them (i.e. the despicable German culture). These Yidden still Daven three times a day. They face Yerusholayim when they Daven. They still firmly believe and practice כי מציון תצא תורה ודבר יהוה מירושלם

      Using the Pasuk may have a been a lack of sensitivity and not proper. But there is simply no comparison to those who were abandoning Torah and service of Hashem, wholesale in the despicable Germany.

  4. Terrible choice for ad. This passuk is referring to eretz yisrael not America. One of the kinos we sat on tisha b’av is for the terrible massacre that happened in Worms and surrounding communities that were packed with biggest talmidai chachamim in the world. The gedolim later said it was because although the opportunity arouse to move to eretz yisrael, they stayed saying, we have our Jerusalem here In Worms. The same with Vilna pre WW11. They called it ‘our mini Jerusalem’ no jokes.

    • because it was so easy for Jews in eretz yisroel in medieval times. didnt Jerusalem have like 2 Jews at the time of Rambans arrival? two Jewish brothers who were tanners.

    • they called it The Jerusalem of Lita. not stam Jerusalem like it’s some sort of replacement. do you know how many Jews lived in Vilna do you know how many shuls?

      • The point is, never get too comfortable in ANY location in galus. As with all the above mentioned towns & Cities, they flourished tremendously at one point but then they were utterly destroyed r”l. I’m not ch”v giving any eyen horas. I’m just pointing out that this has been the way of our long bitter galus for the last thousands of years. Despite the numbers, don’t get too comfortable or cocky in ANY location thinking, “oh please, it’ll never happen here”.

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