Photos: Yeshiva Amalah Shel Torah Annual Reception

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This event was held on Sunday at the Rosenbaum home in Lakewood, NJ. The yeshiva, located in Eretz Yisroel, is led by Rav Zev Feinstein. The reception marked a decade of the Rabbi Meyer Rosenbaum zt”l Scholarship Fund. Rav Gavriel Finkel delivered divrei zikaron. R’ Yisroel Usher Framowitz received the Rabbi Meyer Rosenbaum zt”l Scholarship Award. A memorial tribute was presented l’illui nishmas R’ Yankel Stern zt”l. The reception was chaired by Rabbi Itche Rosenbaum.

Photos: Dov Berg



  1. R’ Itche Rosenbaum is an amazing yid. He’s a tremendous bal tzedeka and does a lot for klal yisrael. He also has an office for his business in Kiryat Sefer where he employs many women. So along with giving a lot of tzedeka and doing a lot of chesed he provides job and a means to earn a respectable parnasah. Very chashuv!


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