Photos: Yidden in Anipoli, Ukraine, for Yahrtzeit of the Rebbe Reb Zishe zt”l

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  1. “the Rebbe Reb Zishe”

    Zusha is the Litvish pronunciation of the name, and Reb Zushe is what he is called by Litvishe Chasidim such as Karliner, Slonimer, Lubavitcher, etc.

  2. Working stiff, for all you know, they may have saved up for years to go, or they budget like the rest of us. If you are not satisfied with the money you make, consider upgrading your skills and looking for a new job. Do not nock other people and thier choices.

  3. working stiff, maybe they saved for years to go, or maybe they budgeted for it, cutting out other things to afford it. If they have extra money and are spending it on something so noble, col hacovod!
    If you are unhappy with your financial situation, there are things you can do to improve it (for instance, you can take classes to enhance your marketability). If you are having a hard time making end meet, there are resources to help you. However, going online, and mocking other Yidden will not help you earn parnassah.

  4. #2 . Seems like I feel a whiff of jealousy, or sinas chinim…underpinnings of a disturbed soul that looks to see negativity at every angle.
    I think you ought to do some self reflection, if a trip to kever tzaddikin stirs such nerve in you.
    Do you not have anything better to do than wonder and try to figure everyone out? Did they call you for a loan?
    I have an idea..try to get the list from the airlines, maybe u can compile a list and ask them individually the hows whens and wheres…I’ m worried you may succumb to insomnia, with all your worrying and deep seated frustration.
    Perhaps. on second thought, a good therapist can help you through your anxiety…..


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