Photos: Yidden in Boro Park Leaving for the Catskills for Summer 5779 (JDN)



  1. What’s with the mattresses? Don’t leave them unattended on the ground for long. Unfortunately they can get bed bugs which is no laughing matter. The boys look sweet. So much water? What’s up with that? They wouldn’t touch water during the year. Now that they’re going to camp, suddenly they are in love with bottled water and can’t survive without it?

  2. The truth of the matter is that shmiras eynayim is very difficult, esp in the summer. At least it can be made easier for 2 months away from the city.

  3. Hello, hello Monticello
    Brooklyn driving’s now so mellow
    A cruise up 13th Avenue
    Now takes less than a day or two
    Bingo, Moisha’s shopping’s fine
    Without a forty-minute line
    Boro Park’s now a strange place
    I even saw a parking space
    Shabbosim I enjoy much more
    In my shul there are seats galore
    The Rov’s wife’s chulent, yes I miss
    Still, room to daven, ah, such bliss
    Go recharge from the Brooklyn scene
    The air there’s fresh, the grass is green
    Shteig and play in learning camps
    Become the OBBL champs
    A cool, clean pool, a barbecue
    A cruise scenic scenic 52
    To those who’ve left, I’m glad you can
    Start working on your summer tan
    My wish: Have a gizunteh zimmer
    I’ll stay in Brooklyn, sweat and simmer
    The empty streets here I’ll enjoy
    I guess I’m just a city boy

  4. Why would anyone want to live in and area where he had to leave twice a year. In the summer time he has to go to the catskills to get away from the muggy heat and in the wintertime he has to flee from the ice and snow and go to florida. Meshiga!! I go to my back yard all year round to see my lemons, oranges, tangerines, peaches plums, and concord grapes growing and ripening in sunshine and dry warmth. Burich Hashem.


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