Photos: Yidden Leaving Williamsburg for the Catskills (JDN)

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  1. The Williamsburg section of Brooklyn is ranked as the second-poorest neighborhood in the entire State of New York.

    It this is true, than how can so many families from Williamsburg afford to own a second country home in the Catskills, or pay huge sums for a month of two to rent a bungalow?

    Please explain.

    • For shmiras eynayim where city streets are so morally filthy esp during the summer and getting worse by the year, one must even borrow money to leave for the 2 summer months, esp with children who do not know how to shield their eyes.

      • What your saying is incorrect. There is no pritzus in the heimishe areas of Williamsburg any time of year. I used to work there. There are actually a lot of residents that do stay home during the summer. I know. B”H we made plenty of business during the summer months.


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