Pictures of Terror Aftermath: Paran Street In Ramat Eshkol, A Usually Very Busy Area, Desolate

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20151014_214416 20151014_214945

{ Israel/Photos: Mattis E.}


  1. I am not sure what time that was but I circled for 45 minutes yesterday on Kanfei Nisharim to find parking and it was like the stores were giving away free stuff that how much traffic there was. Israeli’s are more aware, protecting them selves, but in no way hiding out. Ain Od Milvado We are Jews in the land Hashem gave US and we will not run away

  2. Btw i live here and these pictures were taken just when there is noone around.
    The bagel store maybe has one or two people usually at that time of night,
    and you can see plenty of cars in the second picture


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