Pigs’ Hearts Could Be Transplanted Into Humans ‘Within Three Years’

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Modified pig hearts could be used for human transplants within just three years, according to the pioneering surgeon who performed the first transplantation in the UK 40 years ago.

Speaking on the anniversary of the breakthrough operation, Sir Terence English said his protege from that successful 1979 transplant will try to replace a human kidney with a pig’s kidney later this year.

The expert believes this could set the groundwork for more complicated transplants of animal organs into human bodies – a process called “xenotransplantation.”

“If it works with a kidney, it will work with a heart… That will transform the issue,” he explained.

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  1. Just looking at this picture is yecchy. Even if it would have been permissible, how anyone can eat pig food is beyond understanding.

  2. They’ll have to deal with compassionate PETA who care for animals more than for humans. While hundreds of thousands of babies are murdered yearly in the US by Family Murdering Babies Clinic, all they care about are animals – like the Germans in the Holocaust.

  3. Gross……I think there are lots of other things that are eaten that look far more “yecchy” than pig e.g. sea food and the things found on Asian dinner plates for example.Anyway as Rashi points out,a person should say “I want to eat chazir,but what can I do if Hashem forbade it ?”

  4. A ‘glowing’ & prominent picture of the MOST despicable, Torah forbidden animal, to the Jewish people, has in my opinion, no place on a website such as Matzav!!


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