Pilot Announces: “We Will Soon Be Landing in Palestine”

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iberiaPassengers on Iberia Airline’s flight 3316 from Madrid to Tel-Aviv were surprised to hear the captain’s announcement just a few minutes before landing: “We will soon be landing in Tel-Aviv which is in the state of Palestine,” the captain declared.

Lior, a passenger on Iberia flight 3316 told Channel 2 news that he was shocked by the announcement.

“The entire flight immediately started whispering. We live in Israel and I don’t understand why he wouldn’t say the name if our country. He had purposely said it in English so we would understand. It was deliberate – especially during these tense days Israel is going through.” Another passenger added: “It is not acceptable, everyone noticed it.”

A spokesperson for the airline apologized for the incident and said that the airline has many flights flying back and fourth from Israel and that the company is well aware of the fact that Tel-Aviv is in the state of Israel. Moreover, the spokesperson added that the company would investigate the incident and that the pilot would no longer be allowed to fly to Israel in the near future.

Jerusalem Online

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  1. They’ve had this problem before – where the in flight magazine maps and/or flight screen don’t show Israel. It would not surprise me if the pilots reference material and flight guide instruments indicated Palestine and he merely read what his instruments and maps posted.

  2. We would, if El Al and the others wouldn’t be so expensive! If we can get a flight on one of the other airlines for half price, why should we be ripped off just to take an “Israeli” airline??? El Al is, just like every other company, out to make as much profit as possible. They are not in the chesed business. We, as responsible consumers, have to look where we can save money. If El Al wants more costumers, let them DROP THEIR RATES!

  3. In response to number 6. You are paying for security safety better airplanes and direct flights when purchasing tickets from ElAL. I am not their spokesperson but they don’t need your buisiness. You are welcome to fly and support inferior carriers that are also Arabs!

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