Pilot Who Witnessed Infamous Declassified UFO Says Object Committed ‘Act Of War’ During Encounter

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One of the former fighter pilots who encountered a mysterious flying object off the coast of California in 2004 says the unidentified phenomena committed an “act of war” in the unexplained encounter.
Commander David Fravor witnessed the Tic Tac-shaped object perform extraordinary aerial maneuvers that no known human technology is capable of in November 2004. The former US Navy pilot said the UFO was unlike anything else he ever encountered.
Commander Fravor was dispatched to investigate the area after radar anomalies were detected. He was followed by other pilots who successfully recorded footage of the strange phenomena. The video was leaked in 2017 before being declassified by the Pentagon earlier this year.
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  1. > “Act Of War”

    How can it be an act of war when the source of the alleged jamming might be a U.S. citizen? But more to the point, what was the nature of the jamming? Spot jamming? Spoof jamming? And if this really is some super-advanced technology, how was the jamming detected by out inferior archaic systems?


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