Pipes: Netanyahu Should Threaten To Nuke Iran

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pipesIn a recent interview, right-wing conservative pundit Daniel Pipes shared his view that Israeli Prime Minister Binyomin Netanyahu should threaten to use nuclear weapons against Iran as a means

 of “applying pressure” on the United States.

“I think it’s realistic for the Israelis to attack and do real damage,” Pipes said. “Now, what constitutes success, I’m not exactly sure. There are many, many questions.”

PIPES: If I were [Israeli Prime Minister ] Netanyahu, I would say to [President Barack] Obama, “Why don’t you take out the Iranian nukes? Or else we will And we will not do it by trying to fly planes across Turkey and Syria or Jordan or Saudi Arabia. We will do it from submarine-based, tactical nuclear weapons. You don’t want that; we don’t want that; but that’s the way we can do this job for sure. You do it your way so we don’t have to escalate to that.” That would be a way of applying pressure. There are so many details which I’m not privy to. But that would be my kind of approach if I were the Israelis.

Conservatives have supported a war with Iran, though U.S. officials like Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen claim that such a war would have disastrous consequences for U.S. troops and interests in the region.

Hmmm… Is a nuclear-armed Iran a better option?

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  1. This is the exact opposite of a rational response. Saber-rattling only creates more threats and enemies. What we need is less paranoia and more actual diplomacy. No country should ever threaten to use nukes much less actually use them.

  2. Considering present Israeli policy, Israel cannot make such a threat. To make such a threat, to be prepared to deliver on the threat, and to have it be taken as credible, would be tantamount to admitting that Israel has nukes. Current Israeli policy is neither to admit nor to deny possession of nukes.

  3. Pipes can talk – he doesn’t live in Israel. If he wants to tell Israel how to deal with Iran, let him come live in E”Y where his own neck will be on the line if he’s mistaken.

    I love these Americans who sit safely in their think-tanks and tell Israelis how to solve their problems. Let him put his money – and his body – where his mouth is. He’s still young enough to do reserve duty. Let’s see him in an IDF uniform before he has a license to shoot off his mouth.

  4. Anonymous –

    Unlike you – viz. the hero you undoubtedly consider yourself to be in the delusional chambers of your own diseased mind – Pipes is entirely willing (and able) to identify and associate himself with his own views.

    You might take a lesson from him in this respect instead of prating on mindlessly concerning your requirement ex cathedra that Pipes somehow needs “a license to shoot off his mouth.”

  5. OK, so Iran gets nukes and doesn’t use them. However, they will make damned sure that someone does. When Islamic radicals DO GET THEIR HANDS ON THEM,….. THEY WILL NUKE ISRAEL! It’s only a matter of WHEN!

  6. Got Nuke? Iran does NOW! Now what? The longer we (U.S. & Israel)wait to strike Iran, the worse the (inevitable) outcome wil be.
    It’s like knowing you have cancer and you know you’re going to die. You also know that by going to the hospital for major surgery, you can be saved.
    You dread the surgery. However, the longer you postpone the surgery the worse the recovery will be (painful and long).
    But, you ALSO know that by delaying too long, at some point, you cannot be saved. It’s too late.

    Where the situation is right now with Iran, no matter WHAT is ultimately decided, the outcome will be horrible………..just absolutely horrible.


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