Pitbulls Attacking Brooklyn Residents, Hikind Livid

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dogBrooklyn, NY – Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) is calling on the NYPD and New York City’s Animal Care and Control (AC&C) to do more about a group of pitbulls which has been terrorizing Midwood residents for the last several months. These pitbulls, one described as medium brown, the other, black and white, are responsible for the death of at least one dog and the mauling of another in Midwood. According to published reports, the City has received six complaints about the dogs since last April, but City and NYPD officials have passed the responsibility for getting these dangerous animals off the street onto the AC&C and private animal rescue organizations.

Hikind has been monitoring this situation closely as a number of his constituents have reported that these pitbulls are chasing neighborhood children and attacking people, as well as other animals. The dogs seem to primarily congregate near the former LIRR tracks (now owned by New York Atlantic Railway) at Foster Avenue and Avenue I. Many holes in the fence allow for easy passage for the pitbulls. Several railroad workers have reported being attacked and say a homeless contingent living near the tracks are responsible for feeding these vicious dogs.

“The police have a responsibility to ensure public safety,” said Hikind. “If budget cuts prevents AC&C from coming out and collaring these nasty pitbulls, then at the very least, the police should respond immediately and shoot these freekin’ dogs on sight to prevent any further attacks. By the time the police actually show up, these dogs are probably half-way to Mexico.”

Recently, a 70-year-old woman in Borough Park was attacked by a pitbull who broke free of his leash. He tore through her insulated winter coat, and left her with two dozen stitches in her arm. She told the Assemblyman she was terrified, that she thought she was going to die as her blood poured down her arm and the pain tore through her.

At a 66th Precinct Council meeting last June, angry Borough Park residents complained that police have not responded to complaints about the dogs. At that meeting, residents noted that these dogs attacked an adult three years ago, and then attacked a 7-year-old child a year later, who wound up needing close to 90 stitches. The dogs also attacked another individual and bit the tip off of his little finger.

The New York State “Dangerous Dog Law” outlines penalties for dog bites and the process for declaring a dog “dangerous.” A summary of the statute is as follows:

“Any person who witnesses an attack or threatened attack, or in the case of a minor, an adult acting on behalf of such minor, may make a complaint of an attack or threatened attack upon a person, companion animal, farm animal, or a domestic animal to a dog control officer or police officer of the appropriate municipality. Such officer shall immediately inform the complainant of his or her right to commence a proceeding as provided in subdivision two of this section and, if there is reason to believe the dog is a dangerous dog, the officer shall forthwith commence such proceeding himself or herself.

Upon a finding that a dog is dangerous, the judge or justice may order humane euthanasia or permanent confinement of the dog if one listed aggravating circumstances is established at the judicial hearing.” (Source: Consolidated Laws of New York Annotated. Agriculture and Markets Law. Chapter 69, Article 7. Licensing, Identification and Control of Dogs. § 123. Dangerous dogs; § 123-a. Exemption from civil liability).

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  1. The dog pictured in the story is not a Pit Bull. Its probably very likley that the dogs in question are not Pit Bulls either. This breed gets blamed for everything. Sound familiar?

  2. c’mon Rover, what’s the difference what kind of dog? Rottweiler, pit bull, it’s all the same vicious breed. They ought to be banned based on their violent tendencies.

  3. I called the 70th precinct and the 63rd precinct, today when I heard about the problem on the radio. I wanted to know where the dogs have been observed, so that I could decide if my daughter was safe to walk home on her own. They knew nothing of the problem, treated me like I was crazy and even hung up on me. Very helpful yes?

  4. “c’mon Rover, what’s the difference what kind of dog? Rottweiler, pit bull, it’s all the same vicious breed. They ought to be banned based on their violent tendencies.”

    Or you could look at it this way.

    c’mon Rover, what’s the difference what kind of Jew? Reformed, Orthadox, it’s all the same vicious race. They ought to be banned based on their secretive tendencies.

    There once was a man with a little mustache who would have agreed with you. Kill’m all! The difference is we owe the dog as a species for our very existence. It’s true look it up. And now you “anonymous” who would paint with a broad brush are the real problem.

  5. So we do live in a jungle. Only Wild dogs? We have a ton of Racoons, possums, pigeons, Squirels, seaguls, Cats, Rats, We even have quaker parrots in some areas of Brooklyn. What else? oh some decent people here and there as well.


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