Plan To Offer Gender Segregated Studies At Hebrew U for Chareidim Sparks Outcry Among Faculty


hebrew-universitySome 300 Hebrew University faculty members have signed a petition against gender segregation in the wake of the university’s plan to offer special B.A. programs to chareidi students who want to study in gender segregated classrooms.

The university senate convened last week for a stormy meeting to discuss the university’s sponsoring the Yerushalayim Charedi College run by Adina Bar Shalom and turning it into the university’s charedi campus. Read more here.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. First complain that the Charedim dont work and then complain when they want to get
    a degree in order that they will be able to work!
    If Moslems demanded seperate classes the ones who complain against the Charedim would have no problem respecting the
    Moslem demands.
    Thank Heaven I AM NOT Politically CORRECT and can still think straight!

  2. Mrs. Shalom (daughter of Chacham Yosef) has done a terrific service for the Torah Kehilla in Eretz Yisroel by offering training, education and degree oriented school. Kol will work out well.

  3. this is the same thing as the army. they want charedim to enlist, and yet we see they do not accomidate those who have already enlisted.


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