Playgroup Registration Opens in Lakewood

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toddlers_and_fish2In Lakewood, NJ, playgroup morahs and parents of pre-school children were asked once again this winter to refrain from beginning playgroup registration for the upcoming school year until Tu B’Shevat. This rule was enacted, under the guidance of Harav Matisyahu Salomon, Mashgiach of Beth Medrash Govoha, and Harav Shmuel Blech, Rov of K’hal Anshei Sfard, for the ultimate benefit of all the children of the Lakewood community.

Today, registration begins, as mothers across the community began making phone calls to the respective morahs to try to reserve a slot for their child(ren).

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  1. Is there a list of playgroups that allow children who did not get vaccinated? I don’t want to get in trouble again, after the Morah found out that I do not believe in vaccinations. Everything worked out in the end but I don’t want to go through that again.

  2. Interesting on many fronts. Do you have guidelines as to how many children are allowed into your group? Guidelines as to how much you may charge? Guidelines in age limitations?

  3. Matzav, by chopping off half of my comment, you misconstrue my point. If you don’t have the guts to print the whole thing, take the first half off. If you don’t I’ll just post it on the other site.

    Go hot cholent – we are rootin’ for ya!

  4. Do you have any real medical knowledge to not believe in vaccines? How’d it work out? Other kids got sick because of your kind. I feel bad for your kids.

  5. Hot chulent: What does “belief” have to do with vaccinations? They are not a religion, simply an effective medical precaution. What do you mean that you don’t “believe” in them? I’m not attacking you, I’m really interested in the logic of your anti-vaccine opinion.

  6. matzav is notorious for chopping off parts of comments. is this truly right? are we not allowed to have a mature discussion analyzing all sides of a story?

  7. Maybe the boys who are out of the freezer can make the reservations. After all, it’s never too early to reserve a slot in playgroup.

  8. I find it problematic, putting diseases in my children, which is what the vaccines are. There are Rabbonim and Doctors who agree with this philosophy.

  9. To #13. Your answer does not address the question. Do you feel that the world would have been better off if vaccinations (or putting diseases in your children- call it what you want) would not ever have been invented?

  10. I’ll answer for 13. Yes. Pre vaccines, sanitation practices were far different. (Just ask your grandma how she rinsed her dishes clean!) Pre vaccines, the incidence of juvenile diabetes, asthma, food allergies, autism, speech delays, ear infections, strep throat, were not commonplace as it is today. Interview any old time pediatrician and you will find the answer in the affirmative.

    Moreover, those of us who choose not to vaccinate are bucking the system you believe in, and that is our right.

  11. Hot cholent: Thank you for explaining, but I still don’t fully understand. What’s the problem with putting a small dose of disease in order to prevent disease later on? Is your problem an emotional one? Is it a religious one? Did your Rav tell you not to vaccinate?

  12. #15- you seem to be saying that if vaccines would never have been invented, then all those horrible diseases would not exist today, because today we have better sanitation, such as sanitizing our dishes better etc. This is a theory, you have no way of knowing that for sure. It’s possible you would be right, and it’s possible you are wrong. We wouldn’t know without trying it out. That would mean no one vaccinating, and waiting to see if a polio or smallpox epidemic breaks out. Do you think it’s worth the risk? I guess if a polio epidemic breaks out, chas v’shalom, the last thing on our mind would be food allergies, speech delay and juvenile diabetes.

  13. #15 Yes, some of those diseases are more prevalent because more children are alive because they have been vaccinated. The only reason your children have not contracted the real Mcoy of those diseases you’re so worried about putting into your child, is because responsible parents like most of us have created herd immunity.
    Many of the diseases and conditions you mention became more prevalent way after
    vaccines began saving lives.
    One more point, some of those conditions have been shown to have a link to the better sanitation practices we live with. It has been clearly shown that allergies increase in more sterile societies.
    I know of too many children whose parents didn’t “believe” in the polio vaccine who later regretted it when it was too late.
    Also in case you haven’t heard, the doctor who linked autism with vaccinations had his license revoked when it was proven that he falsified data.

  14. #15 and other like-minded thinkers:
    Did it ever occur to you that the reason that today we have much more autism, food allergies, juvenile diabetes etc. is because in the days before vaccinations so many children did not survive their childhood due to all those terrible, contagious and deadly diseases. Those that did survive were obviously physically stronger, and probably less likely to be susceptible to food allergies etc. Since, today, almost all children survive childhood, so naturally there are many many more children alive, who might be weaker than the survivors of years ago, and with that comes allergies and all these other things that they didn’t have back then.

  15. To be dan lekaf zechus, there are people who don’t vaccinate because older children had serious immediate reactions. They’re probably rare.

    There are also people who try to vaccinate on a more staggered schedule because of a newborn’s immune system, but I would think that by playgroup age they’re caught up.

    And when my kids were younger, there were people who asked for a chicken pox waiver. I did that, deciding I’d wait till the kids were ten before getting the shot. (My older group of kids got cpox.) Turns out they caught full blown pox, from a kid who had a mild case after being vaccinated. If I were starting out now though, since cpox is so rare I’d probably vaccinate myself.


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