Please Daven for Baila Bas Shoshanah

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This is a major opportunity to help a Jewish family in need of a yeshua. Chaim and his family are in a difficult matzav that has moved them out of their spacious apartment and into a small space. This month, he lost his parnassah. In addition, his wife, once a beloved nursery teacher, no longer works and now needs constant medical care and hospital visits. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

Without income and with the yamim noraʾim quickly approaching, Chaim has no idea where the money will come from and has no other option but to have emunah in Hashem. There are many mitzvahs associated with the days ahead, much of which requires an investment that Chaim currently doesn’t have the ability to make. 

Please help Chaim get back on his feet to support himself and his family. Partner with Hashem in this opportunity to put food on the table for Seudas HaChag. Please also daven for Baila Bas Shoshanah for a refuel shleima. In doing so, Hashem should bless you in health and parnassah.