Please Help An Orphaned Bride

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The bride is an orphan from a father (who passed away a year ago) who is due to get married in a few weeks and has not yet bought anything for her wedding day.  She comes from a family of 10 children and her mother is being treated for a serious illness.

The rift is huge and the bride cries all day “Where will my help come from”?  Compassionate dear brothers and sisters, please help this bride in preparation for her wedding day. It is impossible to stand aside and see the tears of the bride and her whole family.   The bride promises that she will בלי נדר pray on the day of her חופה, for anyone that would help her prepare for her big day.

Hashem promises אם אתם מרחמים על שלי. אף אני ארחם על שלכם “if you have mercy on mine. I too will take pity on yours”

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    May You Always Be on The Giving Side!!!!


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