Plesner Committee Recommends Chareidi Draft Plan

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idfThe Plesner Committee, charged with finding an alternative to the Tal Law, has constructed a draft plan for chareidim similar to the Hesder yeshiva program option currently open to the national-religious, reports Ynet.

The plan, called Bnei Hayal, allows chareidi draftees to learn in a yeshiva until age 19 or 20 and then serve in the military for 16 to 24 months. After their IDF service, the students will return to yeshiva, according to the Yediot report.

{Yair Israel}


  1. I’veshiltoin hakofrim ein uni ma’aminim.
    B’derech haTorah nelech b’eish iv’mayim, b’derech haTorah nelech l’kadesh shem SHOMAYIM.

  2. This will never fly, and the Plesner comittee has to know it.

    The age clause is cynical. As if they don’t know that at age 19-20 boys begin looking for a shidduch.

  3. #4 – 19 or 20 for a shidduch for a boy? This is obviously not the US norm for chareidim, where boys can wait until 22-23. Chassidim, yes, at 19, but not litvishe yeshivishe bochrim. Do you live in Yerushalayim?


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