PLO Flag to Fly in Washington, D.C.

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plo-flag-palestinianThe United States State Department has announced to the Palestinian Authority/Palestinian Liberation Organization Mission representative in the United States that its status will be upgraded from a ‘bureau’ to that of a “general delegation’ and that this change will allow the office in which the representation is situated to fly the PLO, now also the Palestine Authority, flag at its entrance.

In addition, the upgrading grants certan privileges to the delegation staff, such as diplomatic immunity, although it is not equal to embassy status. The PLO’s chief representative in the United States, Maen Areikat, said that this step makes the PLO’s status in the United States equivalent to its status in Canada and many western European countries.

Israel Radio reported that sources in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office said that the Prime Minister knew of the planned step and did not object to it. Diplomatic sources in Yerushalayim claimed that the step was taken to strengthen Abu Mazen and try to get him to agree to direct talks with Israel. However, they expressed dissapointment that the White House did not make the upgrade contingent upon the cessation of the PA’s anti-Israel incitement.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.

{Arutz Sheva/ Israel}


  1. If diplomatic immunity can be extended and conferred on representatives of the PA who may -in fact- be known terrorists with blood on their hands (sometimes even U.S. citizens’ blood, at that), how can we allow this to happen?

  2. What else is new? The PLO or the PA are terrorists and they want nothing else but Israel’s demise and Obama keeps giving the PA more legitamacy.

  3. I would like to personaly thank every dumb Jew that voted for this President of the United States. Netanyahu is continuing what he started under Clinton. He is the biggest phonie on three feet!

  4. Well if this takes away from Hamas’ bargaining position, then so be it. Unfortunately, though the PLO has quite a despicable record of terrorism, they are the best organization to talk with considering the alternative. Is it also not reasonable to think that the people at State checked out the background of the people who they would be granting immunity to? I say that as long as this delegation has not committed acts of terrorism and is not just interested in being terrorist mouthpieces, but actually wants to negotiate with Israel then this move is ok.

  5. No more united states now we have a new flag the plo flag with blood on washingtons hands jewsih blood on there hands then new capital for the plo is washington


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