PM Netanyahu’s Remarks upon Leaving for the US


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, early this morning spoke about his itinerary prior to boarding his plane to the US for  afive day trip to attend AIPAC and visit the President.

“This is a very important visit. I will meet with a very great friend of Israel, and my personal friend, US President Donald Trump. First of all, I will thank him for the historic decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem on Independence Day. This is a very big present for our country.

I intend to discuss with him a series of issues but first Iran – its aggression, its nuclear aspirations, and its aggressive actions in the Middle East in general and on our borders, all of them, in particular. I think that the need to rebuff this aggression is a common goal for us and for nearby countries in the region, but first of all it is ours, that of all Israelis.

I am going there on behalf of all citizens of Israel, as I understand it, to achieve three goals: Security, peace and economic prosperity for all citizens of Israel, for our country.”


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