Poland. Shanghai. Yerushalayim. Ein Gedi: Uninterrupted Limud Hatorah

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Through times of peace and persecution, through famine and prosperity, the Limud Hatorah of The Mir has remained an unstoppable force, serving as a soothing Ner Tomid for all of Klal Yisroel for over 200 years. The story of its journey through Poland, Shanghai and Yerushalayim have been preserved in the chronicles of Torah Jewry and are well known.

Now, during the era COVID-19 restrictions, a painful period of uncertainty, the Torah of The Mir continues to illuminate the horizon, this time with a special Bais Medrash in Ein Gedi, in addition to its Batei Medroshos in Yerushalayim and Brachfeld.

Now, as you start your year, it is the perfect time to claim for yourself a share in The Mir. An investment in The Mir is essentially an investment in its Lomdei Torah. Tap into the Mir Mesora, an unbroken chain that rises above eve changing world circumstances.

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