Police Arrest 37 Peleg Demonstrators Blocking Traffic In Yerushalayim

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Demonstrators from Peleg Yerushalmi arrived on Thursday at the intersection of Jerusalem’s Yaffa and Sarei Yisrael, blocking the road and disrupting traffic.

The demonstration follows the arrest of Eitan Rada, who was jailed for refusing to register with the Draft Office.

Israel Police are working to return order, and recommend travelers choose alternate routes in the interim. According to police, 37 of the protesters have been arrested.


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  1. 14 from the 37 who were also “draft dodgers” on the police record were already released and not forwarded to military police. Peleg protesters are probably the only ones in Israel who are generally released within 24 hours as the police and govt are not interested in more traffic blocking.

  2. Peleg represents super-conservative Litvak frumkeit and Torah Lishmah, right? What is their standing as a movement now that their godol passed away? Is it considered sort of a mediating ideology between non-Zionist mainstream Charedim (like maybe this website) and the fanatics of Edah HaCharedis?

    • They’re not “super-conservative”. They do everything leshem Shamayim and make tremendous kiddush Hashem with these protests. So much so, that the military wouldn’t dare arrest anyone from Peleg. And if they do like they did yesterday, automatically there are protests throughout the country. And guess what? It helps. This boy they grabbed yesterday in Chevran will be released soon. Do you know how many holy souls they saved with these protests and by not joining the immoral army?

      • Didn’t Rav Kanievsky rule that the street blocking protests are foolish? Not that any serious posek thinks pulling Yeshivah students out of study is acceptable… That wasn’t in regards to the latest protests, but I don’t see why it doesn’t apply.

        You know, some of these Haredi military guys get insulted and spat at by their folks, because it’s considered selling out. Even though it improved their livelihood. How about that angle huh? Secular and even DL Israelis think it’s weird that having your face in a Gemaro for 9 hours a day is considered a higher sanctity than fighting to protect citizens of the apportioned Eretz HaQodesh… Or that you think the latter is a complete aveirah.

        • Your entire posts shows that you don’t know much about the Chareidi world, their gedolim and the power of the holy Torah and Gemara. For your information, there are lots of Gedolei Yisrael and “serious poskim” who paskened that it’s VERY IMPORTANT to go out to protest.

    • Kiddush Hashem berabim (Peleg saving Yiddishe neshamos) vs. Chillul Hashem berabin (filth parade scoffing at Hashem and His Torah)

      • They are both extreme chilul Hashems
        on the day of the parade they are protesting the army?

        They could have done the same action and possibly done the biggest mitzvah in the past 2,000 years, and they picked to fight against the army?
        or to be snappy
        God is crying and Peleg is whining!

        This action might have made a bigger kitrug on klal yisrol than the parade itself. It shows we don’t care about Gd and his torah. God is crying over the annual churban yerushalyim and they are protesting not the parade, but their freedom from the army?

        God may also punish these rishoyim midah kineged midah and force them to serve in the army, they already declared publicly with this protest “ain lanu cheleck bieloki yisroeil” , God will say if you don’t want to serve in my army (by fighting the parade), then you will serve in the army you don’t want to and are protesting against instead of joining my army.

        God is crying and Peleg is whining!

        • Your post is nothing but foolish talk without a single proof to your drivel. For your information, in Chumash Vayikra and Devarim it clearly states how G-d HATES toeva filth and what would happen if Israel become infested with such immorality. Show me one place though in the Torah or Gemara that G-d “cries” about the tremendous Kiddush Hashem those protesting the filthy army makes.

          • in the medrish tanchuma, those who protest pilegesh bigiva but not pesel micha.

            to protest anything but the parade on the day of the parade is making a loud proclamation we don’t care about god.

  3. The gay parade should be stopped. Where are the half million chareidim to tear up the streets. You want Jerusalem. Well if jews don’t keep it holy the arabs will. Wake up

    • you restored my faith in the Jewish people, not a single person on any

      God has a much harder job than we do.
      We only have to have emuna in him, that is easy, he has to have emunah in us (kail emunah, chazal say god’s emuna means his emuna in klal yisroel)

      ashamnu mikol am boshanu mikol dor that we had more shomer shabbos jews protest the army then we had protest one of the biggest chilul hashems in history!

      slach lanu avinu ki chatanu, michal lanu malkanu ki phashanu

  4. for inconveniencing people on such a large scale as these “leidig geiers ”
    lock ’em up and throw away the keys…


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