Police Arrest Two For Breaking Into Jewish Cars in Spring Valley

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carsMonday night, the Spring Valley Police Department arrested two individuals who were seen breaking into vehicles on Dorset Road. It all began when a car alarm went off, alerting a Spring Valley resident who saw two people fleeing the scene. He immedietly called police, who caught up with the suspects after a short foot chase onto the property of a private home where the individuals were hiding on a porch.

After arresting the suspects, police found that they had stolen GPS systems, cell and digital cameras from vehicles in the neighborhood.

In an interview with Joseph Gross, Spring Valley Trustee & Police Liason, YiddishNayes  learned that detectives and officers said that the perps were specifically targeting the Jewish neighborhood. As one suspect put it,  “These people are dumb enough to leave their car doors open. We are not thieves who break windows, we just take what’s easy.”

The suspects were released without bail by Spring Valley Judge Theodore.

Mr. Gross praised the Spring Valley Police Department for their work and for apprehending the suspects, and recovering items from more than a dozen vehicles that were vandalized.

Mr. Joseph Gross and the Spring Valley Police Department ask  the Jewish community members to lock their car doors over night. If you see something suspicious, call the Spring Valley Police at 845-356-7400.



  1. “Police arrest two for breaking into Jewish cars in spring Valley”.

    I was not aware that inanimate objects could be Jewish.

  2. “Police Arrest Two For Breaking Into Jewish Cars in Spring Valley” – Funny, I didn’t know about gerus for cars – or do they have yichus back to Moshe like all the gedolei yisroel?

  3. if u didnt understand the article then leave your car door open and blame it on the articles headline you genuises, there is something called seyug l’chochme shtika! if you dont have what to say dont comment, i usually dont comment but i love when there is a story and people comment about one word of the article or one word thats missing in this case…


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