Police Captain from Siyum Hashas: Our Troopers NEVER FELT SO APPRECIATED

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The police captain in charge of security of Wednesday’s Siyum Hashas at MetLife Stadium called Rabbi Yosef Chaim Golding, Chief Executive Officer of the Siyum, yesterday morning, confirming that there were zero incidents at the event, Rabbi Golding told Matzav.com.

“The captain said that his ‘troopers have worked millions of events, but they NEVER felt so appreciated as they felt yesterday,” said Rabbi Golding.

What an outstanding kiddush Hashem. Kol hakavod to all our brethren, acheinu Bnei Yisroel, who attended the Siyum at MetLife and sanctified Hashem’s name is such a beautiful way.



  1. When we do the right thing and are mekadesh shem shamayim, the goyim respect us and our Torah. When we don’t and cause a chillul Hashem, they despise us and our Torah. It’s as simple as that. Kol Hakavod to everyone who attended for displaying such wonderful midos. If we act like that to each other, all the time, nobody will be matzliach in hurting us.

  2. When there is something good about Yidden – Publish it again and again. Not less than the negative stuff that gets magnified & rehashed for months

  3. I’m wondering: were they also zero Hatzoloh calls? Or perhaps much less than could reasonably be expected under such circumstances?

    If so, that could also be seen as כח התורה הקדושה.

  4. i agree!! as my family and i were leaving a female officer stopped us and told us ” thank you! i had such a nice day! nobody was rude to me!” we are so lucky to be part of such a nation where 90,000 people get together and there is no violence, no one drunk…. amazing!!! ashreinu mah tov chelkeinu!!

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