Police Chief Refuses To Identify The Texas Mass Shooter

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A Texas police chief on Sunday refused to utter the name of the mass shooter who used an “AR-type weapon” to kill seven and injure 22 after a routine traffic stop.

“You’ll notice that I’m not naming this subject. I refuse to,” Odessa police chief Michael Gerke said at a press conference Sunday.

“I’m not going to give him any notoriety for what he did.”

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  1. Police refuse to identify the mass shooter because the shooting was from different directions and, like the previous shooting in Walmart Texas, there were more than 1. Which of the terrorists should they name? It’s not as if they have the courage to say who was behind it…

    The Deep State false flag attack was orchestrated to control guns but had the opposite effect. Many more people in Texas went to purchase guns as their laws loosened.

    • How was just one individual able to shoot so many people in a 20 mile stretch in such a short period of time? Something doesn’t add up.

      • Comment #1 mistakenly forgot the ‘s’ – mass shooterS from different directions like the 4 in Walmart and the many in the Florida school and Las Vegas.

  2. This policy has been in place for years in regards to serial killers and there is a correlation between not naming them and a reduction in serial killings. Not necessarily causation but a correlation. Maybe it’s time for this policy for mass shooters as well.


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