Police Chief Wants Starbucks To Forgive Barista Who Wrote ‘PIG’ On Cup


An Oklahoma police chief is asking Starbucks to have mercy on a barista who plastered “PIG” on a police officer’s coffee order.

“I just recently learned that the employee was terminated, and this may be a bit surprising, but I would like Starbucks to reconsider,” Keifer, Oklahoma, Police Chief Johnny O’Mara told Fox News. “I’m asking for civility.”

O’Mara took to Facebook Thursday after one of his officers made a Thanksgiving coffee run as a treat for the department’s dispatchers — and came away with the a cup label ‘PIG’.

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  1. The police chief should let Starbucks do what it needs to do internally. Starbucks is not an elite establishment if such behavior is rationalized. Police officers, like em or not, put their lives on the line. Each morning every officer bids his family good bye and that could be his last time! For the word pig to be written on an officer’s cup is disgraceful! The offensive writer was within her constitutional rights but it is disgraceful behavior nonetheless and she deserves censure from her company! She represents the company and the company has to censure such behavior.

  2. I see the Thought Police are still in full force. Starbucks are such little coward babies. They messed up when they went on that stupid apology tour after the bathroom incident in Philly. Now they go and fire an employee for expressing his first ammendment that a donor paid for?! Now we see why not one voter would of voted for Howard Schultz for President. Starbucks is almost as bad as Matzav.

  3. It is called Customer Service. All of us serve customers we like and also customers we don’t like (maybe they don’t like us, either), we provide a product or service, they give us money and they walk out.

    I support free speech, but this individual should open his own shop, rather than expecting Starbucks or any other employer to regularly pay him money, regardless of how many customers and potential customers he drives away. Incidentally I have a feeling that if such a person would need the police, e.g. to promptly respond to “issues” in front of his new cafe, burglars etc. I am not sure his constitutional rights would be exercised in the exact same way.


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