Police Ignore Girl Attacked, Injured By Rock Throwing Arabs

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old-city-yerushalayimArab thugs stoned and attacked with bricks and bottles a group of Jewish girls, whose apparent “crime” was walking atop the walls of the Old City, a custom conducted by many on Rosh Chodesh, the first day of the new Jewish month.

At least one girl was injured when a rock thrown by Arabs struck her forehead. The incident occurred Sunday, but no mention of it has been made in the Israeli media, until now.

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  1. All acts of violence in the Holy City must be rejected. This includes Muslim on Jew and Jew on Muslim acts. We are all G-d’s children. For Jerusalem to live up to its name as the “City of Peace” a rejection of violence must take place from all parties. Vision, courage and trust building is required. If the correct managment paradigm reigns there, the city will both attract and reflect divine blessings.

  2. Adam Neira who are you? You write like a flower child or Obama. If you go to Jerusalem and repeat your beliefs the Arabs will stomp all over you.

    You seem to be unaware that ALL the violence is instigated by the Arab population. There are no two sides to this story. This is not an ethereal hypothetical situation. We are dealing with very evil people who want our destruction, and if you are Jewish or American they want your destruction too.

    Rejecting all violence in Jerusalem means rejecting the existence of Arabs in Israel.

  3. The police there are busy protecting the Women-Off-the-Wall. Nothing else is important. Orthodox men at the Kotel are infinitely more dangerous than any Arabs.

  4. to #1 and #5, Adam Neira and Oldtimer:
    Drive a car with Arab license plates through a Jewish town, then drive a car with with Israeli license plates through an Arab town. Remember Jewish town first; if you reverse the order, you probably won’t be able to complete both challenges. Then you may talk about peaceful Arabs from the comfort of your ICU bed.
    Anyone that has an ounce of intellectual honesty will know, that all the organized, built into the fabric of society, absorbed with mother’s milk, taught in schools and children cartoons, violence, is specific to the Arab population. You may see a violent individual among the Jews, perhaps even less than in any other society in the World; notice the absence of the organized Jewish violence. To equate Arab and Jewish violence, you have to be very immoral or very foolish; perhaps both?


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