Police Make Daring Rescue of Man Hanging Off Side of George Washigton Bridge

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Someone threatening to jump off the George Washington Bridge blocked upper-level traffic this morning, and police were forced to make a high-risk rescue to snatch the squirming man before he fell, NBC NEW YORK reports.

Law enforcement sources told News 4 New York the man had a pellet gun, which he turned over to police at some point during the standoff.

“Port Authority Police and the department’s Emergency Services Unite have taken a would-be jumper into custody at the George Washington Bridge, after negotiating and convincing him to surrender,” the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said in a statement to NBC New York. “The individual earlier surrendered a weapon to authorities.”


  1. They should of let this dreg jump. Why waste time and resources on every crackpot that is looking for attention? I don’t understand. If they truly want to commit suicide, just go and do it. Why must they stand there like an idiot? Just jump. That fact that they don’t, is a proof that they are attention seekers. If we just stop “saving” every nutcase that holds up traffic and costs the taxpayers millions, it would discourage other would be attention seekers. You can’t impose everyone’s chesronos on the entire tzibbur.

    • Great point. In fact, rather than let “this dreg” disrupt traffic, next time the cops should just shoot him down off the bridge. This would have the twofold benefit of improving traffic flow and giving the police some target practice without requiring a trip to a shooting range.

      Next great idea: Mandatory death sentence for attempting suicide.

      Have you ever considered running for office? You really should. (Mandatory sentence for losing an election: Yep, the death sentence. But don’t worry; you’d surely win.)

  2. Thanks “worthless taxpayers” for your post!
    You negated to add that taxpayers will now carry the burden of this idiots future – first hospitalization and then likely legal fees and costly jail. For what??


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