Police: Man Planned To Set Building On Fire To ‘Kill All Jews’

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A Florida man facing eviction was arrested Thursday after he plotted to set a Miami apartment building on fire because he wanted to “kill all Jews” living there, police said.

Walter Edward Stolper, 72, was charged with first-degree attempted arson and attempted murder after he dumped several gasoline-filled containers down a trash chute in his apartment building, Miami Beach police announced Friday.

Luis Diaz told WSVN he turned his friend of 10 years in to police after the 72-year-old told him of his plan.

“A comment that he made to me, it actually bothered me,” Diaz said. “[Stopler said] that he was gonna burn the building down with a bunch of Jews in it.”

Read more at NY POST.



    • Nowhere does the article mention that the building was in a slum. The man was being evicted because he was a trouble maker according to articles in other papers.

      Always assuming the worst is not a good middah.


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