Police: Menachem Stark z”l Likely Passed Away from Compression Asphyxiation

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menachem-starkThe pain and sadness haven’t diminished some five days after the brutal killing of R’ Menachem Meshulam ben R’ Yisroel Stark z”l, the beloved member of the Williamsburg community, whose wife, parents, in-laws and seven children are joined in their mourning by Yidden the world over.

At the same time, NYPD investigators are working around the clock to solve the mystery of this gruesome and senseless murder.

Police detectives aren’t saying much, but they have contended that Menachem passed away from compression asphyxiation, probably caused when the assailants sat on him after kidnapping him in a Dodge minivan.

Police sources stated that Menachem was likely no longer alive when the thugs who captured him lit his body on fire and deposited it in a Great Neck, Long Island, dumpster.

The attackers may have sat on him to control him and killed him that way.

A reward for information is still at $25,000.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. may the family know of no more zaar!
    were so thankful at least the meis was found!thats a miracle for these reshaim don’t care!

  2. Why don’t they interrogate the editors of the NY Post? I wouldn’t be surprised if they themselves called on this gruesome act ! With their awful headline, I am positive that they have some strong leads to the perpetrators!


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