Police: Rifle Used In Dayton Mass Shooting Was ‘Obtained Legally’

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The gun used to kill nine people in less than one minute during the Dayton shooting rampage was a tricked-out AR-15 style rifle that was “obtained legally,” authorities said Sunday — as they revealed the killer also brought a shotgun to the scene, but left it in his car

Betts, 24, obtained the gun legally, Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl said.

“There’s nothing in his history that would have precluded him from buying the firearm,” Biehl said, adding that there was “nothing to suggest the magazine is illegal” either.

The rifle was ordered online from Texas and “transferred at an area firearms dealer.”

Read more at THE NY POST.



  1. Why didn’t John Kasich do anything about the gun law when he was Governor of Ohio? He may have blood on his hands. Kasich needs to be investigated.


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