Police Union Boss Tells MTA Riders They’re On Their Own Amid Violence Uptick

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The head of the NYPD’s largest union issued a stark warning to subway riders Friday amid the recent rash of shoving incidents by unhinged assailants: You’re on your own.

PBA President Pat Lynch accused lawmakers of preventing cops from doing their jobs and advised straphangers to “keep both eyes wide open” to avoid being victimized.

“The politicians have made it abundantly clear that they don’t want cops enforcing transit system rules, connecting the homeless with services, engaging with seriously mentally ill people or doing any of the things necessary to prevent these terrifying random attacks,” he said.

“That is their choice to make, but who is replacing us in those roles? Right now, nobody.”

Lynch added: “While our elected leaders are closing their eyes and wishing the problem away, we recommend that all New Yorkers keep both eyes wide open while in our transit system.”

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  1. I’m not concerned. Our elected Attorney General, whose salary is paid by us the taxpayers, is hard at work trying to bring down a sitting President. That is why we hired Letitia James. She is combing thru President Trumps 1990 tax return to make sure every paperclip and coffee cup is accounted for. I feel nice and safe knowing that Letitia is working so hard to keep us safe from dangerous Presidents who are out to harm us.


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