Police Union Calls Simchas Torah Beating of Jew “Justified”


nypdNY – There are new developments in a beating that was caught on camera.

Two NYPD officers were caught beating a man at a Jewish center in Brooklyn.

In the videotape, there is clearly a confrontation.

His attorneys say 21 year-old Ehud Halevy is telling the officers that he had a right to be sleeping on the couch of the Jewish youth center where he was being counseled.

Suddenly, one of the officers puts-up his fists and pummels Halevy like a prizefighter.

Landing, by one count, more than 20 punches, while his partner, a woman, beats him with her baton.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the president of the city’s police union told Eyewitness News the officers were justified.

“Using force always appears to be severe but is necessary to arrest a culprit who resists,” he said. “The officer must use force to gain compliance and handcuff the offender. In this case, it is clear from the video that when the officer attempted to take the culprit’s arm he resisted by twisting and turning away.”

Haleavy was not seriously injured, but the officers charged him with assaulting them.

The rabbis who run the center say that’s outrageous.

“As far as you’re concerned he didn’t need to leave? Police report is wrong?” asked Eyewitness News reporter N.J. Burkett.

“Yes. Absolutely. Totally wrong. Almost every charge is baseless. And even if he was supposed to leave, he wasn’t supposed to get such a beating before leaving,” the rabbi said.

His attorneys insist the charges should be dropped.


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The President of the Union said it was justified! Well, duh! Of course, the corrupt Union boss is going to say that! What’s more troubling is the crazy lady cop who starts hitting him with the baton AFTER Ehud was already “submisive”! She should be thrown in prison immediatly! Women have no place, being “on the beat” in the NYPD! Enough with this Liberal gudeliguck!

  2. Of course the beating was police brutality. The arrest was probably not warranted (the question is “Who called the police?”), but he made the mistake of resisting arrest (as you can see in the video), and that is always a trigger to police overusing violence.

    Good advice: even when you’re absolutely right, never be belligerent or confrontational with police. They are arrogant and cannot accept any challenge to their authority. If you so much as complain about a ticket, they will find an excuse to arrest you, and often to beat you. Baduk uminusa: they are thugs with badges. As my shver a”h used to say, there is little difference between them and criminals.

  3. Well, somebody clearly called the police. Also the officer didn’t suddenly put up his fists and beat Ehud. The officer attempted to cuff him and when Ehud resisted the officer used force to try and get Ehud to give up his hands.
    The cops don’t have the option of walking away. They where told he was trespassing and must be removed. To remove someone who is unwilling you must cuff them. If they refuse to be cuffed, you must subdue them. I will say that the officer wasn’t smart about getting the job done. When the 3rd cop showed up he clearly had more experience and threw Ehud on the floor to get more leverage.

  4. If his name were Rodney King or Abner Louimait would also be justified in the eyes of the police union. What’s the chiddush?

  5. Why an officer is justified to pummel someone with his fists appearing to do hit the victim with other than proffesional inclinations is beyond reason.

    It appears that the officers(s) had an ulterior motive in pummeling the victim- perhaps the fact that the victim is of a different background.

    ”WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME” his last words


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