Political Insiders: Hikind’s Power Oversold With Lazar Loss


dov-hikindMaggie Haberman of the New York Post reports: The widespread talk in political circles after the extremely lopsided loss of the candidate he strongly backed for a Boro Park City Council Seat is about the diminished power of Assemblyman Dov Hikind.

Hikind, long seen as the gateway to the Jewish community in Brooklyn for local candidates, didn’t return a Knickerbocker call to his office earlier.

But a major story coming out of the special election for the 44th Council District was Hikind’s eroded power after Joe Lazar, his candidate, lost by nearly 20 points to David Greenfield in a race that was seen as too close to call heading into election day.

Dov Hikind has a proven history of endorsing front runner candidates late in the electoral cycle, what is often overlooked is the fact that Dov Hikind can no longer deliver his district to those candidates he supports.

“The secret is exposed, the emporer has no clothes,” said one Jewish community insider who argued Hikind’s power has long been oversold.

The insider pointed to a history of his endorsements in recent races – or even some not-recent ones – to suggest his power has been overstated.

Among his recent candidates, who were outvoted by their rivals in Hikind’s Assembly district were: Bill Thompson for mayor (Mayor Bloomberg got nearly four times the votes); John Liu for comptroller; Brad Lander for Council; and Kevin Parker for state Senate in 2008.

There are certainly vaguaries in every election district (and cycle), and Jewish candidates tend to fair better in the heavily-Jewish district, even if Hikind didn’t back them. But his boost in many cases hasn’t carried his preferred picks over the threshhold.

{NY Post/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. My Feeling is, that in a Few years around David Greenfield will be Running against Hikind & Challanging his Assembly Seat! thats why hikind was so Sceared that Greenfield will WIN & his Pupet Joe Loozer will Loose…

  2. Look. I didn’t support or vote for the Lazar/Hikind camp. But to pile on after the fact, is pure lashon hora. Greenfield won. Lets move on with the peoples business. No need to be like the goyim & over anelize everything. Let’s not turn this into a major chillul Hashem right before Pesach. Chag Sameach

  3. Thank You Thank You and Thank You! Finally a representative of those that could not care less about Daas Torah or Kavod Hatorah are being exposed. Dov Heikind, while having done some good does not represent nor answer to any one segment of Rabbanim.

  4. It happens when people are in office for way too long. Dov is a great person people just like change. Lets hope it will be good for KLALL YISROEL. May everyone have a kosher Pessach and a happy one. Everyone happy cleaning enjoy


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