Politicians In Israel Oppose The Gazan Ceasefire


Likud MK Gideon Saar attacked the ceasefire agreement with Hamas Monday morning, saying Israel failed to achieve any of its goals with the agreement, adding that the battle with the Gaza based terror group was not won, but merely delayed.

“The ceasefire, in the circumstances it was reached under, has no gains for Israel,” said Saar.

“The time between each round of violent attacks against Israel and its citizens is shrinking, and terror organizations in Gaza are strengthening. The fighting hasn’t been ended, just pushed off.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Bibi is the new Chamberlain.

    What a joke of a Prime Minister. You have to love the way his hard core supporters SPIN this, they are a bunch of fools.

    The good thing many people are starting to see Bibi for what he has become, a Clinton type politician, full of empty words.

  2. Its such a disgrace, what ceasefire? Seriously which other country would take this kind of behavior.
    Israel needs to man up and take over Gaza. End of story
    Oh and CNN, nice reporting. Disgusting

  3. Kudos we need someone with a spine who is willing to finish the fight and not apologize to the enemy when they get what they do richly deserve

  4. With what is Bibi better than Ganz, Barak and any other liberal politician? Israel should have selected the cheapest. They’re all the same junk.

  5. unless the Zionists are ready to kill indiscriminantly sending in tropps is a waste as they’ll die and there will be another ceasefire.

  6. How a crisis now goes in Israel, time after time, under the great nationaiist coalition led by our “Churchill”:
    1. Trouble with Arabs:
    Arabs bomb Israel, taking care to hit civilians
    Israel bombs Arabs, taking care to not hit civilians, including the many placed right next to key military targets.
    Israel promises a decisive, brutal response
    Europe (and US before Trump) is angry at Israel
    Arabs offer cease-fire
    Israel agrees and forgets about that decisive, brutal response
    Israel also forgets to make a practical contingency plan for next time
    2. Housing shortage:
    Not enough housing for Jews in Yehudah, Shomron, Old City
    Israel announces new home construction with fanfare
    Arabs don’t like the locations and complain, along with Europe (and US before Trump)
    Israel gives in without fanfare

    Just maybe, voters are now cynical.

  7. in arabic, the words ‘cease fire’ mean that israel will promise not to retaliate for all the rockets and bullets raining upon them


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