Politics Infiltrates Israeli Hospitals: “Who Did You Vote For?”

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After undergoing heart surgery at Wolfson Hospital in Cholon, Yehoshua Harosh was surprised when a doctor involved in the operation asked whom he voted for in the elections.

When Harosh replied that he voted for Likud, the doctor turned hostile and refused to share surgery photos with him.

“My father asked me not to argue with him [the doctor]; he is under pressure from the situation,” said Harosh’s daughter. “I must mention that the department head and surgeon said there were no surgery photos at all. What was he trying to achieve? Why involve politics? The man was after surgery.”

In Tel Aviv, a protester on a motorbike yelled at a chareidi United Hatzalah first responder, “You’re cancer, you are!” Minutes earlier, the first responder had notified his group, “I have so far helped 20 protesters; all of them treated me with honor and respect.”

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    • Because of the opportunities you will have to fulfill the mitzvos of terunos, maasros, shmittah, orlah, rivai, challah (min ha’Torah, yishuv Eretz Yisroel, re’iyah (on the shalosh rigalim, birchas kohanim [(a) according to those who say it is a mitzvah to BE bentched, and (b) even in “Ashkenaz” shuls].

      There is great difference between realizing/appreciating the value/kedushah of Eretz Yisroel and thinking living there means you are somehow out of galus. Talmidei ha’Gra and Talmidei ha’Besht went to great efforts to settle there. Why make this about who sits in the Kinesset?

  1. After Ronald Reagan was shot, he was hauled into the operating room in bad shape. The surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Aaron, recalled that, while he was on the operating table — Reagan cracked a one-liner:
    “The president opened his eyes, hauled himself up on his shoulders, hunched himself up on his elbows, reached down and pulled the oxygen mask off his face, looked around and said, ‘I sure hope all of you out there are Republicans!”
    “‘Mr. President, for today, we’re all Republicans,” Dr. Joe Giordano, who was then head of the trauma team, responded.

  2. the doctor could have murdered him – it’s dangerous to let anarchist doctors operate on you. best to avoid hospitals in the state of tel-aviv.

  3. I would return the question with: How many patients did you kill with remdesivir or ventilators?

  4. Remember: These are the same doctors that caused the “Covid Pandemic” which existed ONLY in hospitals globally.


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