Poll: 22% in Israel Fast on Tisha B’Av


tisha-bavA majority of the Jewish public declared that they intend to fast or, at the very least, to avoid going out with friends on Tisha B’Av, the day marking the destruction of the First and Second Botei Mikdosh, according to a Ynet-Gesher poll conducted ahead of Ti.sha B’Av.

The poll was conducted by market research company Panels and surveyed 505 respondents statistically representative of the adult, Hebrew-speaking population in Israel living in Jewish towns. The maximum sampling error is 4.4%±.

The first question asked was: “If it were permissible by law to open recreational spots on the eve of Tisha B’Av, would you go out to have fun?”

Fifty-two percent of the respondents said they would forego recreational activity on this day even though they do not fast, whereas 22% responded that they fast and therefore would not go out in any case. Another 18% responded that they would go out on the eve of the fast day and labeled the current legal status “religious coercion.” Another 8% declined to answer.

Breaking down the responses based on religious affiliation shows that a majority of all sectors either fast or, at the very least, respect the tradition of mourning on Tisha B’Av by not going engaging in recreational activity.

In response to the question “Which among the following groups in your opinion is the most hated in Israeli society?” 54% chose Arabs, 37% chose charedim, 8% chose religious, and 1% chose Tel Avivians. An analysis of the data reveals that the charedim themselves believe that they are the most hated, whereas religious, traditionalists, and seculars responded that Arabs are more hated.

The poll also asked the respondents to indicate honestly which of the four groups is the least liked by them personally. Arabs topped the list with 52% and charedim were in second place with 32%. Some 11% responded they least like settlers, and 5% said they least like Tel Avivians. A breakdown of the results shows that haredim, religious, and traditionalists mainly dislike Arabs, whereas seculars mainly dislike charedim.



  1. How is 22% a majority? Almost as many people call being a Jew “religious coercion” as claim to be fasting. This is typical chiloni sheker from Ynet, in the top 3 of Jew-hating Israeli “news” outlets.

    If 37% or 32% of Israelis hate frum Yidden, this is EXACTLY the sinas chinam that caused the churban Bayis Sheini, may it be speedily rebuilt, in our days, NOW!


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