Poll: 76% of Secular Jewish Israelis Support Legalized Toeivah Marriage

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A new survey conducted by the Smith Polling Institute for the Hiddush pluralism group, and released ahead of Tel Aviv’s annual toeivah parade this week, shows that 76 percent of Jewish Israelis support some form of legalized toeivah partnerships—a significant increase from the same poll last year.

Last year’s survey found only 64-percent support for toeivah unions among Jewish Israelis. In this year’s poll—conducted May 24-25 through telephone calls with 500 respondents—among national-religious Jews in Israel, 70 percent said toeivah couples should have the same rights as traditional married couples.

“The survey results are a source of pride and a badge of honor for the Israeli public during Pride Month, but the political and legal reality in Israel is shameful,” said Uri Regev, Hiddush’s director.

“The data prove that the establishment of legal marriage for same-gender couples and religious freedom in general have practically become the public consensus of the Israeli Jewish population. The public’s will has never been translated into legislation because all successive Israeli governments, from both the left and the right, have instead traded away the public’s freedom of marriage and divorce to the Orthodox parties in exchange for their political support,” Regev added.




  1. What a rasha ben rasha! Who does this lowlife Regev think he is? What a walking talking Chillul Hashem! Pheh!

  2. “Uri Regev, Hiddush’s director”

    For those who don’t recognize the name of the rasha, Uri Regev is one of the leaders of the Reform in Israel. It shows that toeivah and Reform go hand in hand.

  3. Jobs are not given by Hashem for Torah to negative souls. They are just gifted yarn for the redemption to be more molded. We can pull them out with our prayers.

    G-d save us now.

  4. Nebach. One holocaust wasn’t enough, chas v’shalom?!?!?! The Torah says “v’lo saki haaretz eschem b’taamachem osah”. Everyone knows it’s disgusting, just they have to be “enlightened”. They have to show just how open minded they are. “Osi azvu, lachtov lahem boros nishbaros”. Who are they trying to impress with this leftist agenda inculcation, the Europeans? the Americans? they’re trying to copy the “gruim shebaumos”. Hashem yerachem.

  5. Why do you keep publicizing surveys performed by Hiddush ,the most anti-religious,anti-israel leftist organization funded by the Reform”movement”????Guess what –all their surveys come out exactly as they want them!! Stop publicizing them as if they’re legitimate opinions of the Israeli public —they certainly aren’t.

  6. Would did they ask? All lgbtq? What other surveys has this group done to prove their credibility? I do not believe this for a nano second. They are certainly trying to destroy belief in true Torah morals. They should go live in a country that thrives on that sinning.

  7. The Torah demands that we respect everyone no matter the choices they make and who people choose to marry is none of our business. Life is certainly better for Jews in very liberal societies.

  8. I’m sure the survey was rigged to find what it wanted to find: specifically worded questions, specific groups targeted for polling, and making up conclusions.


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