Poll: 77% Of Israelis Believe Removing Har Habayis Metal Detectors Was Surrender

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More than three-quarters of Israelis do not support their government’s decision to remove metal detectors at the Har Habayis holy site in Yerushalayim, according to a poll commissioned by Israel’s Channel 2.

In the poll of 502 Israeli adults, conducted by Midgam Research & Consulting, 68 percent of respondents said installing metal detectors at the Har Habayis’s entrance gates following the July 14 Arab terror attack near the holy site was the right thing to do. When asked about the government’s removal of the metal detectors, 77 percent of respondents said the decision denoted Israel’s surrender.

Regarding their views on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s conduct throughout the Har Habayis security crisis, 67 respondents said they were dissatisfied.

Israel decided Monday to remove the metal detectors in favor of “security measures based on advanced technologies.”




  1. The real problem is that the islamonazis believe it being a surrender – they go into a frantic attack mode when they perceive a weakness.

  2. Perhaps this is all related to Jews violating Halacha and entering the area of the Har Habayis. Perhaps Hashem is showing his displeasure by riling up the chayas.

    • Mitch, there are halachic differences between different areas of Har Habais. Some areas can be entered even b’tuma. For an example: a metsora’s tahora process involves not only going to Har Habais, but going inside the Azora gate. Please learn basics before accusing other Jews of halacha violations.


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