Poll: Americans Less Eager to Try New COVID Vaccine

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Americans are becoming less eager to try out a first-generation coronavirus vaccine, while President Donald Trump is suggesting that it could be ready before the Nov. 3 election, according to the latest Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index.

Both Republicans and Democrats are showing less interest in the vaccine, with 60% of Americans saying they don’t want to take a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it becomes available. That number is up from 53% in August, reports¬†Axios.

Democrats marked the biggest drop in people likely to try the vaccine, dropping 13 percentage points to 43%. Republicans dropped 8 points to 41%. Independents fell by two points, to 43%

In other numbers:

  • 9% said they’re “very likely” to take the first-generation vaccine, down from 17% in August.
  • 33% said they are “not at all likely” to take it, up from 26%.
  • 30% said they plan to get the vaccine a few months after it first becomes available.
  • 13% would try to get the vaccine immediately; 16% after a few weeks; 18% would wait a year or more; 23% said they wouldn’t get one.

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  1. They’re already getting those vaccines without them knowing it via those long nasal covid testing swabs pushed up their noses or to the very back of their throats.

  2. americans????? everyone in the world. Coming from a complete vaxxer until now. I’m not saying no to it. But my family will definitely wait a few years to see the affects. I’m not letting us be another experiment to a disease that they still didn’t get right while trying something else on us. For now, we’ll do hydrox..z pac and zinc if we catch corona and we’ll daven a lot. Hashem yaazor!


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