Poll: Americans Want Ground Troops Against ISIS, Disapprove Obama In Battling Radical Islam

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obama4Americans are clearly behind President Obama in the battle against ISIS. Still, they have a number of worries.

According to a Fox News national poll on terrorism and ISIS, voters think:

– The United States is at war with ISIS, but we don’t have a clear strategy for winning.

– Bombing ISIS is a good start, but it won’t finish the job.

– Obama should send ground troops if that’s what it takes to defeat ISIS – and it probably will be.

– The U.S. military has become less effective under Obama.

– It’s crazy to tell the enemy your plans.

Click here for the poll results.

Here are details of the new poll, which was released Wednesday:

The country decisively endorses the military action being taken against ISIS: a large 78-percent majority approves of U.S. airstrikes. That includes more than 7 in 10 independents and Democrats, and more than 8 in 10 Republicans. Despite a small gender gap, most men (82 percent) and women (74 percent) approve.

At the same time, more than twice as many voters believe defeating ISIS will take ground troops as opposed to airstrikes alone (57-24 percent). The number saying it will require combat troops is up six percentage points from 51 percent earlier this month (September 7-9).

Moreover, by a 52-42 percent margin, voters favor adding ground troops if airstrikes aren’t enough to defeat ISIS. Republicans favor it by a wide 66-29 percent margin. Independents are a bit more likely to favor than oppose putting boots on the ground if all else fails (49-43 percent). Democrats oppose it (52-42 percent).

In addition, a 55-percent majority says U.S. action being taken against ISIS hasn’t been aggressive enough. Compare that to 33 percent who think it’s been “about right.” Only 6 percent think it’s “too aggressive.”

Voters agree: 54 percent call it “crazy” to announce our strategy to the enemy. On the other side, 34 percent consider it “smart” to let Americans know the scope of our engagement.  Sixty percent of veterans say it was “crazy.”

Meanwhile, voters generally say Obama hasn’t been tough enough on radical Muslim extremists during his presidency. Three out of four voters feel that way (74 percent), which is 10 times the number that says he’s been too tough (7 percent).

Sixty percent of Democrats say Obama has not been tough enough on radical Muslims. That increases to 70 percent among independents and a whopping 91 percent among Republicans.

Read more at FOX NEWS.

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