Poll: Biden Retakes Lead In Florida


Former Vice President Joe Biden is reclaiming his frontrunner status in Florida, according to a survey released on Thursday by St. Pete Polls.

The poll shows Biden pulling ahead of the pack in the Sunshine State with 35 percent support. Meanwhile, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg fell into second place with 25 percent support.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has taken the lead in polls nationally after back-to-back wins in the New Hampshire primary and Nevada caucuses, is running in a distant third in Florida. The St. Pete Poll pegged his support in the state at 13 percent, a sign that the recent traction he has enjoyed in other states isn’t translating in Florida, where voters will cast ballots on March 17.

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  1. If the Biden clone [not the one pictured above] will retake lead in all states, Trump will will just continue his presidency without election, because right before elections this clone will, of course, drop out (since he’s only an actor) and bring chaos among the Dems.


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