Poll: Christie Leads 2016 GOP

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christieIt’s only been one week since Chris Christie trounced his opponent in New Jersey, so naturally there’s already chatter about 2016. According to an NBC News poll released today, Christie would get 32 percent of likely Republican voters in a GOP primary-although 31 percent said they would prefer another (unnamed) candidate.

Christie certainly has his base nailed down: 57 percent of Northeast Republicans back him, but party members in other parts of the country don’t seem so sure, with just 29 percent of Southern voters backing him.

And there’s the Hillary Clinton challenge: 44 percent of all adults back Clinton, with just 34 percent throwing their support behind Christie. Clinton leads in every region and every ethnicity-and she has 65 percent support of her own party. Read more at NBC News.

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  1. Would you also like to buy a bridge?

    The Media all over(e.g.front cover of Time) now are going to trumpet him,to marginalize any potential conservatives from the get-go

    – The same media ,which a just short couple years ago(hmm remember..)had disdained him

  2. Didn’t McCain and Romney fiascoes teach the Republican establishment anything?! Nominate another liberal Republican in the hope of getting the “precious” independent vote, get the actual Republican voters stay home another election.

  3. No. Not ok. Christie is a great governor of NJ
    but he can not be president. He’s to full of himself. Can’t argue with the truth.

  4. #2:
    If the Republican party were strategically smart, they would get behind Christie now. Part of the reason Romney lost was all the time lost on the primaries – while the Republicans were infighting, Obama was campaigning.

    Christie is, as of now, the only Republican who has appeal beyond the narrow base. Die-hard tea partiers are not electable. Hispanics won’t vote for them, blacks won’t vote for them and neither will women. Christie, on the other hand, managed to get the majority of the women’s votes even while running against a female Democratic candidate, as well as a majority of the minority vote – and this in a very, very blue state.

    That’s something no other Republican has managed to do – and something that any Republican will have to do in order to win a national election.

    As another writer put it, the Republican establishment will have to make a choice: Would they rather win with Christie, or lose with Ted Cruz?

  5. #4-
    With all due respect, you obviously know little to nothing about politics outside of your daled amos (New Jersey).

    NJ Governor Kris Krispy Creme is a RINO. A Republican in Name Only. He could not win a Republican Primary for President. The whole country is laughing at him for various reasons. But the Republicans who vote in Republican Primaries look at him as another failed liberal Republican and we’ve just had two failed liberal Republicans (McCain & Romney) run for President and lose to an inept nobody.

    A principled Republican either Conservative or Moderate can win a Republican Primary and go on to winning the Presidency if he or she can get his or her message out to the voting public without media interference.

    Do you think you know what Ted Cruz says and stands for? Or do you know what the New York Times and the New Jersey liberal rags want you to know? You obviously have a computer with internet. Go onto his official website and read what he has to say not what others tell you that he said.

    Unfortunately during the past few (obama) years America has changed as obama said it would but not for the better. The Government is out of control and the media goes unchecked. Unemployment, drug use and violent crimes are rising to levels never seen here in the U.S.

    We have 3 years to go of this obama administration. I hope we make it to another Presidential election.

  6. #4, the big Shaila is CAN we win with Christie?

    The establishment Republicans need to stop being concerned their own power base and to start to be concerned about winning. Of course a united party is stronger.

    Any Republican — including Christie himself –that thinks it is better to be a slave to the Democrat party yet keeps their little share of power (i.e. votes with Democrats to raise federal spending) does not deserve our vote.

    However, if Christie stops hugging Obama so much and truly starts to show that he can think for himself and espouses the ideas of smaller government, greater liberty, and curtailing ObamaCare, if he can do all that, then he would deserve serious consideration.

    Anything to get these secular/humanist leftists out of power in the White House!


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